Marc Cromme

Marc Cromme
cand.polyt. ph.d.
Lindholmsvej 13
2700 Brønshøj
+45 2270 2644

Short CV

Born in 1964 in Germany, settled in 1983 in Denmark and worked 1983-1988 as woodwind music instrument builder. Received an Master of Science in engineering in 1994, and a Ph.D degree in engineering in 1998, both in applied mathematics at the Technical University of Denmark. Worked with scientific and research-oriented software development since 1998.

Experienced in international project management, on-site customer consultancy and software best practices. Worked with scientific computing, dynamic and stochastic systems, mathematical modeling and optimization, and data warehousing. Implements custom-specific solutions as well as optimization core technologies, is in charge of software quality assurance, and manages research-oriented IT projects.

Speaks and writes German, Danish and English.

Curriculum Vitae

Professional experience

2014-now Freelance Software Engineer - SoftwareContruction.Dk - Owner of personal startup company devoted to scientific software engineering and construction. Working knowledge in scientific computing and open source software development. Experienced in math, statistics and physics algorithms as well as Big Data crunching.
Hired for 3 years by Novozymes Bioinformatics Tools and Systems to maintain and extend two Big Data PostgreSQL and Hadoop/Hbase/Solr scientific applications with extensive parallel protein sequence processing, REST services and web frontends.
2008-2014 Consultant, EU Project Manager and Senior Developer, Ange Optimization ApS, Copenhagen. On-site consultancy, implementation of custom-specific container shipping solutions and optimization core technologies based on graph theory and linear multi-flow optimization algorithms. Also technical marketing, pre-sales and sales contract negotiations.
2003-2008 EU Project Manager and Senior Developer, Index Data ApS, Copenhagen. Implementation of custom-specific C++ based distributed full-text search solutions, and information retrieval core technologies. In charge of software quality assurance, oversee participation in research-oriented projects and manage EU projects.
2002-2003 Hired in a 7-month scientific project as C++ system designer developer at the Micro Electronics Center, Technical University of Denmark
2001-2002 3D Graphics system C++ developer, NovaMind A/S. Employed at the R&D, section. Worked mostly with 3D algorithm design and prototyping. Created knowledge upgrading courses for fellow employees in projective geometry and numerical algorithms. Unfortunately this lovely gem of innovation did not survive the 2002 financial crash.
1998-2001 IT project manager and mathematical modeler at the Danish Fisheries research Institute (DFU), now being a part of the Technical University of Denmark. Non-linear dynamic systems modeling and robust statistics.
1994-1998 Ph.d. degree work in applied mathematics, non-linear dynamical systems and control theory. PhD. Thesis: "Nonlinear Dissipative Control", Mathematical Institute, (MAT), Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Skills profile

Project Management Agile and risk-reducing IT project management using Scrum. Planning, estimation, architecture, requirement specifications, project coordination and financial controlling on national/international customer projects and international EU R&D projects
Marketing and Sales Technical marketing, pre-sales and sales contract negotiation for industrial customers in Denmark, England, France and Germany. Estimation of budget and resources, writing proposals for industrial and EU projects.
Consultancy On-site architecture, C++/Java/Perl/Python/PHP software development, and PM
Domain knowledge Customer domain knowledge in the fields of bioinformatics, container shipping, information retrieval (IR), full-text search, library systems, dynamic systems, mathematical modeling, quantum mechanics and 3D graphics
Software design Software design, architecture and implementation of scientific and/or numeric applications: mathematical modeling mathematical optimization, graph theory, data mining, robust statistics, full-text indexing, dynamic systems, quantum mechanics and 3D graphics
Algorithm design Design, mathematical analysis and programming of mathematical and statistical algorithms
Testing Best practices, design and implementation of unit test frameworks, regression tests, benchmarking and automated software build processes
Documentation Technical documentation, project documentation and customer bids in English, German and Danish
Technical research Technical research, literature studies and technical consulting in international R&D groups
Knowledge sharing Knowledge transfer, teaching and technical coaching of fellow employees and customers
Mathematics Mathematical modeling, numerical algorithms, robust statistics, signal analysis, linear programming and general mathematical optimization, projective geometry, 3D graphics, graph theory and network topology, linear algebra, functional analysis, operator algebra, group theory, dynamical systems, non-linear as well as linear control theory
Physics Mechanics, fluid mechanics, quantum physics, superconductivity, theory of special relativity and general relativity, analog and digital electronics
Business start up Business plans, market analysis, implementation plans, estimation of budget and finances, applied and achieved semi-finale top 10 in the Scandinavian Venture Cup 2002-2003
Languages German (native), Danish (native), English (Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English). Elementart proficiency in French and Italien
International experiences Raised in Germany, lived in Denmark since 1984, studies in Rome (Italy) and in St. Louis (USA), customer contact, project meetings and working relationships all over Europe and USA.

IT Technologies

Design and Analysis Requirement engineering, OOA/OOD, UML, problem domain analysis, data modeling, algorithm development
Unix/Linux C/++ development ANSI C/C++/template/STL programming, GNU gcc/g++, Boost and QT libs, Emacs, KDevelop, GDB, DDD debugger, valgrind, profiling and unit testing
Unix/Linux JAVA development JAVA development using Emacs, Eclipse, Nant, Maven, Junit, Apache ServiceMix, Grails, Lift/Scala
Unix/Linux/Windows .NET C# development MONO and Visual Studio .NET C# development using Emacs, Mono develop and Eclipse
Web application development Web GUI/Portal programming using PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, XML, XSLT, HTML, CSS, JS, AJAX, SQL, Apache and Nginx Web server and MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle databases
Information retrieval Query parser implementation and implementation of IR full-text search engines, XML data normalizations and data cleaning for use in up to 400 million records full-text document collections. Zebra and Solr full-text indexing, XML, XSLT, Z39.50 and SRU protocols
Web Services Implementation of SRU GET/POST/SOAP web services in PHP and C/C++. Implementation of CQL/CCL query parsers in various languages. Implementation of add-hoc SOAP/REST web services in JAVA, PHP, Python and Ruby
Internationalization and Unicode Integration of International Component's for Unicode (IMB, short ICU) in full-text search engine and into Z39.50/MARC21 based Meta-searcher.
Build and test Bash shell, Unix toolkits, CVS, SVN and GIT source code versioning systems, Make, Automake, Autoconf, CMake, NANT and Maven build systems, TRAC ticket system. Design and implementation of unit tests, functional tests, continuous integration, profiling and benchmarking
Databases Data analysis, SQL, normalization of relational databases, ODBC, plain SQL databases MySQL, MS SQL Server and Oracle, object-relational database PostgreSQL
Distributed Big Data Hadoop Applications Application development on top of Hadoop/Hbase/Solr clusters, programming of data processing RabbitMq pipeline components
Distributed Big Data Search Implementation of distributed full-text Z3950 search engines, search application development on Solr clusters, and programming of web harvesting applications
XML technologies XML, XPATH, XSLT, CCS, XQuery, writing XML applications using DOM tools as well as XmlReader based tools, XMl data cleaning, XML Schema and RelaxNG XML constraining languages, SOAP. Programming of specific XML formats/syntaxes like SRU GET/POST/SOAP, Dublin Core, MODS, MADS, MARCXML, RSS and ATOM feeds, OAI harvesting.
Mathematical tools Maple, Mathematica, Matlab, Octave and R
Documentation Doxygen, LaTeX, DocBook, Emacs, Gimp, Xfig, Visio UML, Open Office
System administration Installation of Debian and RedHat workstations and servers, integration into Windows/Samba networks, network configuration, Linux server setup, kernel compilation, network sniffing and debugging


Ange Optimization ApS

Berit Løfstedt
Teaching assistant
Copenhagen University
(former colleague)
November 2009

As a newcomer to software development projects I consider myself very lucky to have worked under Marc - He was able to unfold my potentials as an algorithmic software developer and take leadership of the software development project. Marc is excellent at providing appreciative critique and motivating you to do better. Marc is a focused project manager dedicated to solving the task at hand regarding all stakeholders in a project.

Aalborg University

Peter Nielsen
Head of Department
Aalborg University
November 2012

I know Marc as an expert in both Business Intelligence, Optimization and Yield Management. Through our work I have seen how he is able to combine various data sources, models and methods to develop operational Yield Management tools. More so I have had the pleasure to see how he can bring his strong analytical skills into play and solving indeed very complex problems. I have found Marc to be a very good collaboration partner able to bridge the gap between University and Private Industry and have come to trust and rely on his expertise

Kasper Løvschall
Special Consultant
Aalborg University
April 2008

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

I've worked with Marc on several projects within the library sector and would highly recommend Marc's competences to other people. Marc is a very competent project partner with a serious approach to our needs in the specific case. He is experienced in both project planning, programming and keeping deadlines. Furthermore Marc is very creative and capable of finding the "perfect solution". I've also worked with Marc in several support situations and I have only positive experiences in his capabilities in both bug tracking and problem solving.


Chris Travers
Senior SW Consultant
August 2016

I worked with Marc for a year and a half on a project at Novozymes, further developing a large (multi-TB), cutting-edge system supporting life science research. Marc is able to work in a variety of programming languages and development environments, is very driven to produce high quality software, and he thinks a great deal about how to do things well. He delivers high quality work in a timely manner. Marc is not only a good team player but also very good at ensuring that all stakeholders are appropriately included in the process. I would highly recommend him.

Index Data

Anders Sønderberg
Software consultant
Index Data
April 2008

During five years, I have worked with Marc at Index Data. I know Marc as a bright and intelligent person who manages both to keep himself updated with cutting edge information technologies and to write solid, stable software. I as a colleague and the company as whole have benefit from Marc's ideas and visions. Both regarding business models, management and technical paths to follow. Marc is always willing to take part in discussions and is able to contribute with interesting new angles to the topic. I will miss working with Marc!


Niels Gorm Rytter
Director & Partner
January 2015

As project manager on the "Yield Management in Liner Shipping" running for 2½ years, I have had the pleasure of having Marc from Ange on our project team. He turned out to be one of the persons critical for the successes we have achieved.

Not only has he added value with his lead expertise in project management of software development, business use of mathematics and optimization methods as well as various aspects of liner shipping, but he has also demonstrated an ongoing focus on customer needs for his project, ability to direct team and own work efforts towards what is realistic and feasible to achieve with time and resources available for the project, and he has shown much passion for delivering quality work results to the benefit of the project and his team members.

I consider him a quality person, easy to communicate with, strong personal values and integrity, and a team oriented approach to his work, which I am confident that many other project teams will benefit from in the future

Lund University

Anders Ardö
Associated Prof
Lund University
April 2008

Marc and I worked together in a large EU-project - ALVIS. He is very good to have as a partner in such a project - always caring about the success of the project, always happy to discuss almost anything and at the same time being a good companion whether it comes to drinking beer or deciding about intricate details in a large and complex system architecture. A number of things stand out when considering Marc's performance:
- He is always willing to share his knowledge and expertise.
- He is always eager to discuss different approaches to solving the problem at hand.
- He is very good at keeping a meeting focused in to solve current issues.
- He has an extensive expertise in areas such as Information Retrieval, database design and implementation, and network protocols specially within the sector of library applications.
When it comes to project work he has an excellent view of what is important and when it is important, thus always moving the project forward toward it's goals. Thus I can wholeheartedly recommend Marc and I sincerely hope that we will join forces in other projects in the future!

Maersk Line IT

Joel Raucq
Advanced Analytics
Team Leader
Maersk Line IT
December 2011

I have had the opportunity to work together with Marc Cromme on several IT projects at Maersk Line. His expertise and his client-oriented mindset were keys points to deliver successful software solutions on time and on budget. Marc is a meticulous person, very much focused on delivering high quality work. I enjoy working together with him due to his professionalism and his personality.

Robert Milton
Project Manager
Maersk Line IT
March 2011

I met Marc Cromme as Project Manager for Ange Optimization ApS in 2008, and worked since on the development and implementation of a decision support software tool for Maersk Line with him.

I can commend Marc and his team in terms of their commitment to working, very much as a proactive partner to Maersk Line IT's internal project team, to get the project delivered on time and budget, and meeting all the agreed functional requirements.

Especially appreciated from my viewpoint is Marc's ability and willingness to suggest and discuss alternative solutions, and his attention to detail both in testing and supporting the other teams involved in the project.

Mikkel Mühldorff
Sen. General Manager
Maersk Line IT
January 2011

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

I have had the pleasure of working with Marc on an optimization IT system for Maersk Line for the past 2.5 years. Marc has done a great job as a project manager on IT system development, also taking parts in requirements analysis and specification. I was responsible for buying the delivery and integrating it into Maersk Line's business. Marc and his team consistently delivered on time and on budget, some times even early and under budget! I can recommend Marc's technical IT skills, project management skills, professionalism, and integrity to any future client, colleague, and employer.

Novozymes A/S

Garry Paul Gippert
Senior Research
Novozymes A/S
October 2016

I have observed and worked closely with Marc Cromme for 2 years on a nearly decade-old, complex and evolving IT system for ingesting, managing and analyzing bioinformatical data in the terabyte range used in a global, commercial R&D setting. Marc has provided invaluable, worry-free and hands-off ‘back end’ support and maintenance, working primarily on closing user issues and developer tickets, and has also developed new features and functionality in the system. In brief, I find Marc an effective problem solver, and a valuable member of my team. A longer summary would include the phrases: professional, well-balanced, systematic, easy to get along with, direct and to the point, diligent, and willing to take the initiative in new domains.

Jesper Krogh
Department Manager R&D
Tools and Systems
Novozymes A/S
November 2016

Marc has been working for over 2 years, as a core software developer, on a very complex in-house build software application, where strong needs for biological domain knowledge is absolutely required. Marc has approached the tasks with the (necessary) go-do attitude and an open mindset with no fear of asking simple questions. The strong drive and structure in Marc work habits delivers progress on complex tasks with a strong degree of transparency for his surroundings. From both a personal and professional perspective, it has been a pleasure to work with Marc.